Orange Roughy Salad

#NewStapleRecipe Y’all this was so delicious and SIMPLE!! INGREDIENTS  Orange Roughy Spinach Chia Seeds  Red Wine Vinegar Blueberries Cranberries  Salad Seasoning (Optional) Coconut Oil/Cooking Spray Oregon Pear and Pepper Jelly Vegan Cheese (I know, one of those random $4 ingredients that you wonder if you need. Long story short, you don’t have to have it, but it will truly make this meal. And you can … Continue reading Orange Roughy Salad

Leftover Salmon Biscuits

INGREDIENTS  leftover Salmon (prepared however you like) any type of biscuit  grape jelly DIRECTIONS Heat up your leftover salmon in the microwave or oven. Prepare your biscuits or reheat them. If reheating in the microwave, just put them in for a few seconds or they’ll get hard. Slice biscuits in half. Spread jelly on each half. Slightly mash your salmon and place on top of … Continue reading Leftover Salmon Biscuits

Desperate Pescatarian’s Spaghetti

I’m visiting my extended family this weekend. There wasn’t much food around that I could eat, based on my new diet. So, I threw something together…halfway through I didn’t think it would be good. However, it was actually delicious! Or…maybe I was just starving. You try it and let me know.  INGREDIENTS  1 box of spaghetti 1 can wild Alaskan salmon  olive oil  onion soup … Continue reading Desperate Pescatarian’s Spaghetti

Tuna Steaks With Avacado Lime Drizzle

INGREDIENTS  tuna steaks seasoned salt pepper  onion powder  garlic powder chili powder  avocado  minced garlic  almond milk  water  lime juice  DIRECTIONS Preheat your oven to 375 degrees. This step is optional if you don’t want your tuna well done.  Everyone seasons food differently. I chose to put the steaks on a tabletop skillet, sprayed with olive oil cooking spray,  and seasoned them while they were … Continue reading Tuna Steaks With Avacado Lime Drizzle