Snack Pack

Today’s Vegetarian Friendly Snacks 


Greek Yogurt (.86 at Kroger!) 

Hummus and Wheat Thins (the hint of salt flavor had the lowest sodium in the entire aisle of crackers – 55g)


And this water jug! Drinking a gallon of water a day has definitely suppressed my appetite. It takes about 7.5 normal sized water bottles to get to a gallon, but I kept losing count. So, I got this jug for $5 from Big Lots. It holds 5 bottles of water. I try to have the whole thing gone by the time I get home for dinner. Then I refill it (the other side is marked as well) with 3 bottles and finish up before I go to bed. 

*Drinking this much water will send you to the bathroom at least once an hour, maybe twice. Days like today, when I’m traveling for work, I don’t start drinking until I’ve made it to my client. 


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