1st Birthday Smash Cake

I got so many compliments on this cake that I had to post the recipe. Honestly, it was very simple. 

I got a $1 box of cake mix from the grocery store and baked it in a mini crockpot in the oven. I have one of those triple crockpots and I just took out one of the inserts. After it baked and cooled, Icut  off the rounded part of the cake (this would be the top of the cake, which becomes the bottom once you flip it over to let it cool). This gave me a level surface to work on. 

The hardest part was the icing consistency. The first cake I tried was not very pretty. The icing wasn’t thick enough. 

This was me using just icing as it came out of the tub from the grocery store. In order to get the big fluffy icing, I mixed my purple icing with buttercream icing. I then added probably a cup of powdered sugar a mixed it. It took a really long time to mix because I used so much powdered sugar. I thought it may have been too much, but after 5-6 minutes it blended out smoothly. 

I did a crumb coat with the icing first. A crumb coat is basically where you put a layer of icing on and then smooth it out with an icing smoother (Wilton brand from Wal-Mart). 

Next, I started on the roses. The tip I used was too big for my coupler, so I just put it in an icing bag by itself. 

I started on my roses from the bottom of the cake to the top. This part wasn’t difficult, but it did take some finessing. Touch the tip to the cake. Push the icing out and make a small counter clockwise rotation. This is going to be the center of the rose. 

Keep going in that direction until the rose is as big as you want it! Then make your roses all the way until there’s no cake left to decorate.  Overlapping is okay and looks kind of cool actually.

This was my first cake decorating experience, so I didn’t do anything else. Plus, my one year old would be destroying it anyway. I did buy a nice $1 platter from The Dollar Tree and put green sprinkles around the cake. I already had a Princess Tiana doll, so I just put her on top. That’s it! If you still aren’t sure how to make the roses, look it up on YouTube. That’s what I did, it was much easier to follow. 


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